Cable Pulling

cable pulling

Hawk have successfully assisted many companies in the installation and energisation of their projects, ranging from ( 11KV ) domestic developments by people such as Persimmion Homes, Barratt Homes, David Wilson Homes and many others. Retailers such as Next and The Range and commercial developments like Pro Logix Park. ( 33KV ) Castle Combe solar farm, Horam Solar Farm and Snetterton Race Circuit Bio-mas site. All of our teams are trained in using the 4Tonne OMAC winch which is more than enough to carry out the tasks. The winches have the capabilities and technology to record and print out the detailed information your client or DNO will require such as the newton readings to ensure correct installation for safe energisation. While cable pulls are taking place on site we will have one of our skilled and trained supervisors to over see the works. Our supervisors not only have the accreditations needed to support there professional attitude and approach but also have onsite experience which to Hawk is just as valuable as the other and a great combination together.

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